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Deadpool 3 is delayed. A new Captain America could be released instead

The premiere of Deadpool 3 will be postponed due to the prolonged strike of Hollywood actors. Even if the parties come to an agreement the other day, the film crew will not have time to finish the film by the previously appointed date. Deadline writes about this.

Previously, the premiere was scheduled for May 2024. But now the fourth part of the Captain America series, the filming of which has already been completed, can be put into this window. Accordingly, the Deadpool threequel could move to the summer or fall, closing the original release date of Cap.


The director of the third part, Shawn Levy (“ The Main Character,” “Real Steel”), said that the team managed to shoot and edit half of the film. 

Footage from the set has already appeared on the Internet, showing Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, dealing with a talkative mercenary.

still from the movie "Daredevil"

Earlier it became known that Deadpool 3 will also feature the comeback of Elektra from Daredevil (2003), who will again be played by Jennifer Garner. But Radcliffe, apparently, will not appear.


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