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Microsoft unintentionally reveals the Windows 12 interface

Microsoft unintentionally reveals the Windows 12 interface. An image of the new Windows 12 from Microsoft is leaked. Microsoft accidentally publishes


Microsoft shared a screenshot of an unnamed Windows UI at the recent "Ignite" conference. Thus, the Redmond company may have shown off a preview of the Windows 12 user interface. Microsoft launched the new Surface PC lineup at the Ignite conference. However, an image showing a variant of the company's flagship operating system that users were not familiar with caught attention. Is it a sneak peek at Windows 12?

Microsoft reveals the initial design of the Windows 12 operating system:

When it comes to breaking news related to the next version of Windows, Windows Central is the best. The website screened this image that was used to illustrate the “Microsoft Teams” app during the demo. After saying that Windows 12 may launch in 2024. Due to the poor image quality, a mockup was created to accurately explain what we saw.

The illustration in question shows a new user interface. It doesn't look like the Windows user interface we're currently familiar with. As a result, the floating taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen. While the system icons are located in the right corner. The floating search field is available at the top center. The weather is shown in the upper left corner of the image.


Windows Central redrew the design. Because they have already seen an internal presentation of a similar prototype of the Windows 12 interface with a similar layout. So, while the image above may not be an accurate representation of the new UI. It serves as a statement of what Microsoft teams hope to achieve with the upcoming release. Which is codenamed “NextValley”.

Source Zac Bowden - WindowsCentral

A more touch-friendly user interface:

Microsoft is working to make the Windows user interface as easy to use as possible. For both touch controls and keyboard and mouse input for several years. With Windows available in so many different formats, finding the right balance can be a challenge. Naturally, we're thinking of tablets, PCs as well as hybrid devices like foldable screen PCs.

Although it's unclear how this image ended up in the middle of a Microsoft conference. It's likely not the latest version of Windows 12. This example at least has the advantage of providing a general idea. It shows the potential direction in which Microsoft's operating system could go.

After Windows 8 which was overly touch-focused, Windows 10 which brought back the keyboard and mouse, and Windows 11 which didn't change the game, Microsoft needs to think about the future without alienating its current user base. How do you feel about the new user interface?


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