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Review of Adobe Photoshop Firefly Browser Version (Beta)

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What is Adobe Photoshop Firefly is a new addition to our well-known Photoshop, but with the Firefly neural network-integrated into it. So far, Photoshop itself is at the test stage and only people with licensed Photoshop have access, but you have already seen a lot of videos on how Photoshop can easily change the background, add different things, and even change people's clothes. Today I will show you a free browser version, I will immediately say that it is worse, but you do not need to download anything, pay, etc.



We go to the site -

Registration is very simple, click sign in and log in with your Google account, it's the easiest way. You will also need a VPN, you can't do without it. I have Hola vpn, which comes as an extension to google chrome.

We turn on VPN, register and go in, without any activation of the letter, etc.

Features of the Beta version

So far, 4 types of generation are available: Text to image - generate images from scratch 

Generative fill - replace, add, or remove objects from a photo 

Text effects - Generate beautiful text 

Generative recolor - Create color variations of your vector drawing

Let's go in order.

text to image

Image generation.

Let's say you need to generate a unicorn, we write - A beautiful azure unicorn standing in the thicket of the forest. But we write in English (use a translator) - A beautiful azure unicorn standing in the thicket of the forest

Here's what I got:

On the right you have settings. First, we can adjust the size, then we can see it in different styles. 

Even lower there is a setting for other styles, then we can add, remove color, make it brighter or paler, and add a composition.

The second option, with a few added colors, made a neon style, it looks a little juicier. In short, you can customize how you want.

Bottom line: Not bad, the photos are of high quality, it doesn’t always generate people well, but you can make yourself a character, a cool avatar, or a photo for an article, website, and all that. More than cool for the free version.

Generative fill

replacing, adding, and removing objects from a photo

I took the first photo I found on the internet.

What are we doing here? We take a brush, select the desired area and write with text what we want Photoshop to do. For example, I added pants to a girl, put a cap on Mickey, added a dog, and removed people from behind in 5 minutes.

Now here's what happened to her:

I will not describe in detail how. Just select an area with a brush, for example, legs, you can not be very accurate. Then we enter in the line of text - pants and Photoshop gives out the 3rd option, if you don't like it, you can still generate it, ad infinitum. With the rest, they singled out people, and wrote to remove it, it showed 3 options. So you can fasten new Nikes, a jacket, a hat, dogs, whatever.

Outcome: Not bad for a beta. Of course, what I saw in the video from Photoshop is probably still heaven and earth, but on the other hand, if you need to remove unnecessary people from your photo or add something, use it, you definitely won’t do it better)

text effects

Pretty text generation

Everything is easier here. Write the text in the left line, it can be in Russian, write in what style on the right. 

For example, I wrote Watermelon, and the style is Flowers (flowers)

You can do it with or without a background in png.

Suitable for flyers, maybe a website, business cards, or maybe you just want to put a beautiful inscription on your product, photo, or something else.

The Russian text still suffers a little, better in English, but not bad in principle. There are a lot of carbon monoxide themes, like pizza or bread.

As you can see, English is much nicer, but maybe you just need to be a little confused)

Generative recolor

Here I’m weakly fumbling, I also need an SVG photo, but few people use this function either, in short, who needs it, I think you’ll figure it out) I think that even those who need it, wouldn’t read this review))

2 more features

If you look closely at the photo above, you will see that there are 2 more functions, but unfortunately, they are still under development, this is from 3d to a picture and the most interesting is the photo extension. Yes, this is actually a very convenient and cool thing, I hope it will be released soon in the beta, and if you really want it now, then you need Photoshop)


It's cool, it's interesting, and most importantly, it's also free and without restrictions, which all services sin and include all sorts of loans for which you can do 10 actions, and then pay.

It's also like such a beta for people who will try, understand what it is, and decide, why don't I buy a Photoshop version and make it much better there.

In short, my rating is 10 out of 10. I can't give less. Yes, there are jambs, yes there are jambs in the Photoshop version itself, everything is not perfect, but let's not find fault, yesterday we couldn’t even think about it, but today I wrote the text, and he removed people for you, in place of them he added a background that fits perfect for the picture, so also you are in the new air max)))

Image generation is also on top, I liked it, very good. And the text in the form of bread or roses, I think someone will definitely come in handy)

So here's a review. I did it for a decent time, and if you liked it, then subscribe to my tg, there are a lot of interesting things coming out every day =)



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