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What is the difference between a hosted AdSense account and a non-hosted AdSense account?

The difference between a regular AdSense account and a hosted account What is the difference between a hosted AdSense account and a non-hosted AdSense


May God’s peace and mercy be upon you. Welcome, visitors and followers of the Professional Tech website, to this new post. Today, I will talk about a question that worries many people, which is what is the difference between a hosted AdSense account and a non-hosted AdSense account?  There are many fallacies circulating among bloggers about these two types of AdSense accounts, so I will clarify some things in this article that will make you able to know the difference between a hosted AdSense account and a regular (non-hosted) AdSense account.

First of all, what is Google AdSense?

AdSense is the easiest way for bloggers or webmasters to start earning money from their sites. After installing the ad code on your site,  AdSense spiders will crawl your site to find out what your pages are all about.

There are two types of AdSense accounts,  hosted  AdSense accounts, and non-hosted AdSense accounts. There is a slight difference between these accounts. Almost all of us know this, but there is still some confusion among some in distinguishing these accounts. So, today I will tell you the actual difference between these two types of AdSense accounts.

1- Hosted AdSense account:

The main advantage of this account is that approval is very easy. You can easily approve a  hosted AdSense account from Google-hosted sites like Blogspot, HubPages,  YouTube, etc. However, the problem with this account is that you cannot use it on sites that are not hosted by  Google. This means that you can only use it on Google-hosted sites like  YouTube, Blogspot, etc.

Features of a hosted AdSense account:

  1. It's easy to agree.
  2. Make money with YouTube and YouTube Live Events too.
  3. You can only use it on websites hosted by Google.

2- Non-hosted AdSense account:

This account can be used on any site. It is very difficult to approve an unhosted account or a publisher account, but once your account is approved, it cannot be easily banned. It's a fully approved account so you won't need to reapply for any other service. You can apply for an  AdSense publisher account directly from your website.

Unhosted account features:

  1. It allows you to earn money from YouTube as well as from live events on YouTube as well.
  2. You can use it on any website. It does not matter whether the site is hosted by Google or not.
  3. You can also use it on Windows and mobile apps to earn money.

These were the most prominent headlines about the differences between hosted and non-hosted AdSense accounts. I hope that you have become familiar and aware of the difference between the two types of accounts, and I hope that the article has benefited you and increased your knowledge of this issue, may God bless you.

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