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Google named 11 new features for Android, WearOS and Google TV

Google talked about 11 features that have already become available in its operating systems  or will appear in the coming weeks.

How to understand that your child is not getting enough sleep and what to do about it

Why you need to monitor your child's sleep amount Because chronic lack of sleep in young children leads to delayed growth and mental developmen…

Top for your money: AnTuTu named the best Android smartphones for any budget

AnTuTu benchmark published a new rating “top for your money” - a monthly selection of the best smartphones in terms of price and performance in dif…

Midjourney Guide for Architects and Designers. Top tips for using Ai

The world of architecture is an ever-evolving and exciting field where creativity and innovation know no bounds. As designers and artists, we are co…

The neural network showed 10 psychological problems and disorders in the form of monsters

Recently, the Midjourney neural network showed how it sees the 7 deadly sins, and now with its help, they decided to depict 10 different psychologi…

Deadpool 3 is delayed. A new Captain America could be released instead

The premiere of Deadpool 3 will be postponed due to the prolonged strike of Hollywood actors. Even if the parties come to an agreement the other day,…

WhatsApp Releases Chat Lock Feature to Secure Private Messages

WhatsApp has finally released a highly anticipated feature that users have been waiting for. The new feature, called Chat Lock, allows users to secur…
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